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Call it Black Girl Hockey Club Magic.

Minnesota Wild defenseman Matt Dumba.

When Black Girl Hockey Club founder Renee Hess heard that Kalei Forga, a 12-year-old hockey player from Forest Lake, Minnesota, set up a GoFundMe page to raise $3,700  to play on a World Selects Invitational team that’s competing in France for 10 days in April, she spread the word on BGHC’s Twitter account hoping that followers would kick in a few bucks for the cause.

A surprise follower stepped up Friday with $500 and encouraging words for Kalei: Minnesota Wild defenseman Matt Dumba.

“Go Kalei! I had a similar opportunity when I was younger and it wouldn’t have been possible without the help of a lot of good people in my community and the sacrifices made by my parents!” Dumba said in a tweet Friday. “Tear it up over there!”

Dumba, who was leading National Hockey League defensemen in goals before he had surgery last month to repair a ruptured pectoralis muscle, told Minnesota’s WCCO-TV Friday that “I was so happy to take advantage of the opportunity I saw this morning and I definitely wanted her to go on her trip.”

Kalei, who plays for the Forest Lake Rangers Under-12 team, was thrilled by Dumba’s gesture.

“It feels special to me that he took the time to write that to me and donate the money – it makes me happy,” she told Minnesota’s WCCO-TV.

Michelle Forga, Kalei’s mom, was shocked.

“When Matt Dumba did it, I was like, ‘Is that THE Matt Dumba? Like the real Matt Dumba? That can’t be,'” she told WCCO-TV. “And then I saw it on Twitter.”

As for Hess, she’s elated to record an assist to Dumba’s assist in helping Kalei reach her goal.

“Pretty damn awesome!” she told me in a text.

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