I have an interesting story on NHL.com about the slow but steady growth of Black women playing NCAA hockey as part of our coverage for Black History Month. If you haven’t seen the story, please give it a read HERE.

At least 15 Black women are on NCAA Division I and Division III teams this season. Some of aren’t playing this season because their schools or leagues have cancelled games due to concerns surrounding the coronavirus.

Here’s a photo album featuring some of the players. If I’ve missed anyone, please feel free to send photos and biographies to me at wdouglas@nhl.com.


Chayla Edwards, defenseman, University of Wisconsin.

Chayla Edwards, defense, University of Wisconsin (Division I).

University of Wisconsin sophomore defenseman Chayla Edwards (Photos/Tom Lynn/David Stluka/Wisconsin Athletic Communications).


Rayla Clemons, forward, Syracuse University.

Rayla Clemons, forward, Syracuse University (Division I).

Syracuse University freshman forward Rayla Clemons (Photos/Syracuse Athletics).


Sierra Benjamin, defense, State University of New York-Plattsburgh.

Sierra Benjamin, defense, State University of New York-Plattsburgh (Division III).

State University of New York junior defenseman Sierra Benjamin (Photo/Gabe Dickens).


Avery Mitchell, defense, Clarkson University.

Avery Mitchell, defense, Clarkson University (Division I).

Clarkson University senior defenseman Avery Mitchell (Photos/Schyler Meyer/Jim Meagher).


Tamara Thierus, forward, University of New Hampshire.


Tamara Thierus, forward, University of New Hampshire (Division I).

University of New Hampshire sophomore forward Tamara Thierus.



Jada Burke, forward, Lindenwood University.



Jada Burke, forward, Lindenwood University (Division I).

Lindenwood University junior forward Jada Burke.


Kiersten Goode, forward, Yale University.


Kiersten Goode, forward, Yale University (Division I).

Yale University sophomore forward Kiersten Goode.


Maria Di Cresce, forward, Nazareth College.

Maria Di Cresce, forward, Nazareth College (Division III).

Nazareth College junior forward Maria Di Cresce.


India Charles, defense, Finlandia University.

India Charles, defense, Finlandia University (Division III).

Finlandia University junior defenseman India Charles.


Kensie Malone, forward, Augsburg University.

Kensie Malone, forward, Augsburg University (Division III).








Augsburg University forward Kensie Malone (Photo/Kevin Healy for Augsburg University).


Lindenwood University defenseman Teagan Heaslip.




Teagan Heaslip, defense, Lindenwood University.


Lindenwood University freshman defenseman Teagan Heaslip (right) with teammate Jada Burke.


Jennifer Costa, forward, Dartmouth College.


Jennifer Costa, forward, Dartmouth College (Division I).

Dartmouth College senior forward and captain Jennifer Costa (Photos/Doug Austin).


Crystalyn Hengler, defense, University of Minnesota.

Crystalyn Hengler, defense, University of Minnesota (Division I).

University of Minnesota junior defenseman Crystalyn Hengler (Photos/Gopher Athletics).


Sophie Jaques, defense, Ohio State University.

Sophie Jaques, defense, Ohio State University (Division I).



Ohio State University junior defenseman Sophie Jaques.

Not pictured: Asiah Taylor Waters, forward, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Division I)